Learn how to tell beautiful stories your audience will actually want to watch.

Snapchat marketing for universities that actually works. Brought to you by billions of data points, some big brand experience, and lots of caffeine. 

The Ultimate Guide to Snapchat & Higher Education

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We've helped a bunch of universities tell better stories on Snapchat

What you'll get:

An easy to digest guide of basics, tips and best-in-breed examples fresh from the snapchat machine.

- Unexplained jargon

- Boring self interested promotion

- Average Stories

A Ninja level understanding of how to tell better stories, and the tools that will help you to do it. 

An abundance of pun-based humor and food references. We were hungry when we wrote this

We don't do: 

45 pages of genuinely useful stuff about storytelling, business goals, and some pretty great illustrations.